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Karcher Cartoons

Karcher Cartoons, home site for cartoonist Eric Karcher out of Boxford, Massachusetts, 01921. Freelance cartoons, comics, and illustrations quick and within your budget.
Please contact me at for more information.

More Drinking and Drawing?

Lenny Boudreau, who has produced the last two Drinking and Drawing in Boston events, is looking for someone to take the reins.

He will would gladly give you: notes on how he ran the first two events; contact info for possible sponsors, Frederator Studios, and the venue where we held the last two D+D's; advice and tips; answer your questions; explain how he assembled the finished videos; contact everyone on his D+D email list and ask them to get on your list if they want (and give them any link you have to your event site if you have one); some Sharpies; any other info that he has that you could use. He can even lend you my eight lightboxes.

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PM Donut Coming Soon

Be on the lookout next month for my latest Cartoon Strip called "PM Donut". Thirty dailies of this multi-panel cartoon are complete and the finishing stages. The cartoon is set in a post-coffee-war environment where two brave soldiers man the lonely coffee outpost with their not-so-faithfull compatriots and customers.

Comics in User Interface

Check out this article on Kevin Cheng discussing the use of Comics in interaction design.