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Brookline Tab
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NEWTON TAB 06/05/03 - 11/18/04
As Joe Strummer of The Clash once sung," You have the right to free speach, as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it." Three instances of the First amendment beign compromised, two withing the hallowed halls of Newton schools and one in the Police department. 06/03/04
know your rights

oil spill
A quick thinking citizen prevents major damage to the resevoir. 05/20/04
pay for play
Newton adds field fees onto the list of things taxpayers shell out the money for. Side note- It cost Newton over $800,000 to maintain the fields last year... Can I have that job?
A proposed lighting ordinance that has been kicked around for years finally gets some recoginition, and some resistance. 05/05/04
Not the peanut!
Strict food alergen rules take effect in Newton schools.
Captain Cohen
The honorable mayor of Newton carefully navigates the good ship Newton through treacherous Budget waters. 04/22/04
Bus fees
Newton residents now have to pay extra to have their child bullied in the back or heckeled in the front. Maybe even get a driver with no qualifications or a criminal record!
in the pants
The board of alderman hoped this one would go away but it is now a raging debate played out in the Opinion section of the TAB. How much freedom should dogs have? 04/08/04
the Man
Newton Police are accused of beign a little over-agressive in their crime fighting as they walke the line between Resonable Cause and harrassment.
Standoff between the Town and the Newton Firefighters union continues. 03/25/04
Canada RX
The town of Newton is weighs the idea of buying prescription drugs from our neighbors to the North despite the State's negative view on the idea.