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BROOKLINE TAB 06/05/03 - 11/18/04
Brookline's long-term plan to bury wires will not be realized
by alot of people around now paying taxes. 11/18/04
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Red Sox fever still felt on election day 10/26/04
Cell phone tower is a scary thought in a nice cemetery
Yeah- thanks for the tickets Theo... They must have got lost in the mail. 09/30/04
As much as I love it- Brookline doesn't need another Dunkin Donuts
Man with no children looks to curb child abuse by instituting a no spanking law. 08/26/04
Running of the students in Brookline
Comcast makes a good show of faith to Brookline once again. 08/12/04
Bob Allen absolutely loving his Verndale Street clients right about now.
So many ways you can get creative with a 12 ton cell phone tower. 07/29/04
OK- so it didn't turn out so bad- except for the Dems on election day.
havahd street
A whole not of construction and no additional parking. 07/15/04
In a rare move I side with the Police on this one and their right to at least have an option of health care providers.
Brookline gas pumps take advantage of their convenience. 06/24/04
You need a license to drive a car but any jerk can own a dog.
spank me
Riduculous proposal in Brookline to make spanking your child a crime is wisely put on the shelf to air out. 06/10/04
Not learning a thing from the Lawrence school mess, the town opts to go with the lowest bidder, with out a background check, to work on the Devotion school. Brilliant!
State decides not to decide in repealing Brooklines law that only Brookline firefighters can be considered for the position of Chief. 05/27/04
BPD flip-flop

Police undo 8 moving violation tickets after one was given to the husband of a former Selectman (you can't just undo one now can you?).

40b again
State sweetens rule 40b (low-income housing) but the fact is that there just isn't any more room to build in Brookline. 05/13/04
comcast at night
Non-Comcast cable subscribers elude to sabotage by the communications giant.
Note: Shortly after this ran my cable and high-speed internet had MAJOR problems- no joke.
Big mess
Recent dirty discoveries on Rt.9: Contaminated soil at 2 Brookline place and a house of ill repute posing as a massage parlor up the road. 04/29/04
Vote 04
Brookline annual town elections are coming. It is your chance to shut up and do something about it.
B2 knockout
Brookline proponents of developing 2 Brookline Place walk the spot-zoning line in an effort to ressurect the project. All this and the building height is still over the maximum. 04/15/04
Over ride
School committee members talk about not mentioning using an override in the property tax 2.5% cap. Only the Board of selectmen can (or can't) effect he override. Of course that is without talking about it. Shhh...
The Don
Brookline whittles its list of School Superintendent candidates down to 3 after a a long and thorough search. 04/01/04
house pig
Ownership of a pot-belly pig escalates to the Board of Health chief who decares the pig can stay but can NEVER go outside. Previously the owner had let the pig run free.
Board of selectmen turn nasty on those who didn't vote their way in the B2 rezoning vote for 2 Brookline place. 03/18/04
packing up
Developer sticks with his all-or-nothing approach when defeated in a bid to have 2 Brookline place re-zoned.
Local churches for sale are being eyed as prime investments for developers 03/03/04
A slew of Brookline Massage parlors are revealed by the Brookline TAB for offering sexual services for a price. These establishments were promplty shut down by the Brookline Board of Health.
With a rally seemingly every week the effect is somewhat muted. 02/19/04
Brookline's battle with Comcast continues as Comcast raises certain rates shortly after offering $605,000 to help the local cable access station.
Mitt baby
Brookline is spared from Gov. Mitt Romney's proposed 2005 budget. 02/05/04
sunday sales
Archaic Blue Laws are repealed to allow Brookline stores to sell alcohol on Sundays. Unfortunately, the ruling was not in time for the the Patriots run to, and BIG WIN, in the Superbowl.
New off hour leash laws go into effect- it's just too darn cold to go out. 01/22/04
School committee acts on advice of special committee formed to search for a new Superintendent to search for a search firm to find a Superintendent. This is to replace the last one they hired but didn't get along with.. Whew...
Devolopers plan to erect a 120 ft. building which is far bigger than zoning allows and far bigger than anything around it. Despite this, they claim it will be a bright spot. 01/08/04
drip drip
Brookline's Devotion School "leaks" 28 million gallons of water that has been going straight down the drain for a year.
happy happy
Brookline is a great place to spend new years if you can find a space. Remember: No overnight parking. So what do you do after a few drinks? Brookline apparently says "drive". 12/25/03
Xmas flu
With Flu season in full force, Brookline doctors find themselves completely out of vaccine and looking for answers.
Developers are trying to cash in on the rich Brookline real estate market without paying the price of 40B 12/11/03
snow job
The first storm of the season- it's not winter yet- was a whopper that exhausted both DPW workers and the snow removal yearly allowance of $250k. Ooops.
wish list
As the holidays approach Brooline has a long list of "wants". 11/26/03
MCAS bird
Brookline School vows to take the lead in reducing the impact of MCAS testing during the most recent meeting of Massachusetts School Committees.
town meeting
Special town meeting set to address fast growing problems that cannot wait until February. 11/13/03
tax fraud
Brookline selectmen boast of lowering the tax rate despite soaring property assesments which make taxes higher than ever.
Superintendent Silverman gives his resignation before the none-to-sly school committee can "decide" whether to pick up his contract in the Spring of 2004. 10/30/03
Union choice
Fire dept. local union has issues with the Selectmen who want to at least be able to look outside the Brookine FD in search of a new Chief.
smiling Smizik
State Rep. Frank Smizik runs a proposal up on Beacon hill to allow Brookline to accept out of town students for $9,500 each to boost the school budget. 10/09/03
Lawrence again
State officials contend that it was not mandatory for Brookline officials to choose the lowest bidder on the Lawrence school project, especially given the contractor's shady past.
sitting duck
Violent crimes flood into affluent and unsuspecting Brookline from some neighboring towns. 09/25/03
Select Brookline school programs get generous state and Federal boosts while the Metco program takes a 1.5 million cut
Strip mall Coolidge
Cozy, charming, and quaint Coolidge Corner is beginning to look more and more like a giant strip mall since the big names have moved in. 09/11/03
remember 911
Two years after the Sept.11 attacks it is sobering to really think how close Brookline is and was to the threat.
New Fire Chief Skerry works to fix the department's reputaion after a summer of scandals 08/28/03
back again
After a quiet summer the echo from last year's problems returns with the students.
Kemper insurance tries to put the pieces together in the failurew of the Lawrence school contractor. 08/14/03
Using the state-mandated lowest bidder for the Lawrence school project was a bad thing from the start for Brookline.
Brookline selectmen once again stick it to the folks who do not own or rent a home with a driveway by raising overnight parking fees in public lots to keep up with the rates that private lots are getting. 08/01/03
Town grants Putterham Meadows Golf Club extended hours, until 11pm on weekends, for its club house Grill on the Green bar and "restaurant". Putterham was denied such an extention less than a year ago.
Brookline announces 9.1 million dollars set aside for the renovation, restoration, and beautification of the dillapitated lady named Beacon Street. 07/17/03
State Legislature vetoes spare Brookline from over $200,000 in additional budget cuts proposed by Gov. Romney.
Brookline watches as the State holds back funding and threatens to hold back even more Federal money if a better post-dredging maintenance plan is not in place for the muddy river.    
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