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As you can see, this whole site is a virtual portfolio. In addition to
the many single- and multi-panel cartoons you will find in the Cartoon section, below is a small sample of some additional pieces created professionally or otherwise.


Dog and the Moon- Oil on Canvas

Probably my favorite painting. You can see the bumps from the original images that I painted over. I wanted to capture that magic of moonlight on a warm spring night and in this painting I can practically smell the warm breeze as a harbinger of summer.

Country View- Water/ oil on canvas

When my wife and I lived in the city, Brookline, MA actually, I was so sick of looking out my window at other buildings that I painted this on a canvas the sized of a window and hung it on a wall where it looked like there should be a window. I stopped short of painting the actual window panes on the picture with the thought that if it were this nice a day out my window would be open.



Top left and right: two prints from a series of 10 prints depicting the Greek tragedy of Phaeton, who stole his the chariot of his father (the Sun) and lost got into a little trouble.

Left: Woodcut of a play on VanGogh's "Cyprus in Field" series.